Frequently Asked Wholesale Questions

How much does it cost? Our prices vary depending on what you would like to print. We can give you an accurate quote – once we’ve seen your artwork. We price match – when comparable.

How do I pay? We can accept payment over the phone with a credit/debit card. We can also accept BACS payments. The order is ‘booked in’ on receipt of payment.

How long does it take? You will be informed of the turn around time at the point of ordering. If your order is required by a certain date please inform us so we can work to your deadline. Every order, and how quickly we can deliver, is dependent on the size of the order, the method of printing, the time of year and the ‘queue’ at the time.

Do you deliver? Yes, if required.

Do you have a minimum order? No. Discount prices start at 11+ items and the higher the volume (up to 500 items) the lower the price.

What are your stock lines? we hold stock of the following brands for both men and women – Gildan Soft Style / Fruit of the Loom / American Apparel / AWD hoods and Larkwood baby t-shirts.

Do you offer other printable garments? We can order from a large range of different garments. There is a link on our website for our full catalogue of printable lines, with all information, including available sizes.

How durable are they? Our t shirts are bought from brands who have a reputation for high quality garments. Textile Vinyl and Heat Seal Transfers are durable for 1 to 2 years, while our Digital Printing is guaranteed for 25 washes. Different printing techniques require different washing instructions.

Digital Printing? Wash inside out at 30 degrees, iron inside out. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Textile Vinyl? Wash inside out at 40 degrees, iron inside out. Tumble dry on a low heat and do not bleach.

Heat Seal Transfers? Wash inside out at 40 degrees, iron inside out. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Can I supply my own garments? If you are looking to get a full colour print the garments have to be at least 80% cotton and have a flat printable surface i.e. no ribbed t shirts or breatheable fabrics (unless for larger orders of over 100 pieces). If you are looking to just add text or a flat colour image then we can print these onto any fabric that can be ironed at a high temperature. We would prefer to see the garments and artwork first when possible.

Can you print onto anything? We can print onto ceramic mugs. We do not print hats.

Do you do embroidery? Unfortunately we do not offer an embroidery service.

Do the t shirts shrink? All our t shirts are pre-shrunk, so any shrinkage will be minimal as per industry standards.

Can I see a sample? You can see a digital proof of how the t shirt will look via our Online Designer, or if you pop into our store we have various print examples you can see. We may be able to supply a print sample dependent on your requirement. This would be charged for and the price would come off your final payment.

PRINTING FAQs - What is the difference between DTG, Textile Vinyl, and Sublimation Printing?
Direct To Garment DTG This method is good for single to medium sized multiple orders when a full colour image is being printed. Your image is printed directly onto the fabric. Only suitable for garments of at least 80% cotton. White garments are cheaper to print on than colour garments with this method.

Textile Vinyl Suitable for printing 1 or 2 colours and is again great for small to medium sized orders. It has a soft look and feel, it is printable on multiple fabrics - strong colour contrast is a feature, as well as durability. There is a wide range of finishes, including glitter, fluorescent, sparkle and flock. This method can work out less expensive than DTG printing when a colour garment is needed.

Heat Seal Transfers Similar features as Textile Vinyl (printable on multiple fabrics ) but available in full colour. Top quality repro technology used by major UK companies for promotional and merchandising purposes. A slightly longer lead time is required for this method (7-10 days) although it allows us to give you the most competitive price for quantities of 100 and over. Artwork is best supplied in vector format and if the design is block colours please supply a pantone reference for accuracy. Please click here for a specially prepared, detailed PDF document which we hope will explain any questions you have about the different Heat Seal Transfer prints available.

Dye Sublimation This method is best for reproducing vibrant and colourful photographs onto a t shirt. Sublimation t shirts are 100% polyester and only available in white t shirts. This method is suitable for single to medium sized orders.

Will the colour look the same as it does on screen? Unfortunately there will always be a slight difference in the colour of the print to the colour you see on screen. This is mainly due to the fact that computer screens tend to have a back lighting that increases the brightness of each colour. To get a closer likeness we recommend using CMYK colour mode if possible. If you can only give us RGB images we can convert them for you. This conversion is necessary and may sometimes lead to a very slight ‘dimming’ of colour.

Can you print in full colour? Our Digital Printing, Sublimation Printing and Heat Seal Transfers (for medium to large multiples only) allows us to print full CMYK colour.

What resolution should my images be? We can print images at 150 dpi but would recommend that you supply your artwork at 300 dpi to get the best results. The quality of the print you receive depends on the quality of artwork we receive. We will always work with you to ensure the quality of the artwork results in a quality of print that you will be satisfied with.

How big can you print? With our Digital Printing the biggest that can be printed is 28cm wide by 42cm high. Textile Vinyl can be printed at 45cm wide by over a meter high and our Heat Seal transfers can be ordered up to A3 size.

What format should I supply images in? The best format to supply your images in is Vector format, as these are scaleable without losing detail. You can also supply Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files.

Can you print images from the internet? As long as they are of a good enough quality then yes. Unfortunately most images online are at a very small resolution to help websites run smoother. Most web images are 72 dpi, we need images to be a minimum of 150 dpi but preferably 300 dpi.

Can my design be scanned, then printed? We can scan artwork but it is always better to supply digital artwork when possible. When scanning artwork the scanner picks up on any imperfections in the artwork which will be printed.

Can you design a logo for me?We can do certain amounts of artwork for you, depending on what you require. Creating text based artwork is not a problem and we are happy to edit images you supply when possible.