Direct To Garment (DTG, Printing)

Ink printed directly on to the fabric (like screen printing). This method is only suitable for garments of 80% (or more) cotton and which have a smooth printing surface. It is cheaper to print on white garments than colour garments. Full colour print is possible.

Textile Vinyl 

Suitable for one or two colours. Soft look and feel, printable on many different types of fabric - strong colour contrast feature, as well as durability. This method offers a wide range of finishes which includes glitter, fluorescent and flock.

Heat Seal Transfer

Same advantages as Textile Vinyl but available in full colour. Top quality repro technology, perfect for printing onto performance wear and most other garments . A slightly longer turnaround time is required for this method (10 - 14 days), though it allows us to give you the most competitive price for orders over 50 items. Please contact us directly for a quote.


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