Getting The Best Print

To get the best print use high-quality artwork and images that aren't blurry when you zoom in. A PNG file is the best option but you can upload a JPG or GIF too. If you are uploading a vector file or PDF please ensure it is in RGB format. 

Please Note: In most cases, you cannot simply "resize" an existing small file to increase its size. You need to find the original larger file or recreate the artwork at the appropriate size.  

We cannot take responsibility for poor print quality if the file is of poor quality. 


Garment Sizing & Product Info

Please remember to check the garment size chart before you complete your order, this is found in the selected product info page. Garments vary in size and fit and we want you to be happy! You can find out more about the fit and size by clicking the Product Info link.


Artwork Size

Direct-to-Garment prints may be up to 35x40cm in size. If you have specific size requirements please enter them in the designer above the graphic.


Fine Detail

The DTG printers are precise and can reproduce thin lines, and fine gradients.  However, it will also print any imperfections in the artwork supplied, eg noise, floating pixels etc so carefully check your artwork beforehand.  

If your vector artwork contains text, please ensure that the text is converted to outlines.


Need Help?

If you get stuck feel free to email us at or give us a call on

0131 668 94762 and we'll walk you through it!

Time to get creative, happy designing!

Start your creation

More Info

To help you get the best result for your custom garments, we've compiled a small list of points to help guide you in the right direction. 

If you get stuck, don't panic!

Just give one of our friendly team members a call on 0131 668 9476

Printed Artwork and Sizing

We'll always aim to make your design look great when printed, however, to get the best possible print result, we highly recommend that:

1File resolution should be as close as possible to 300 dpi (dots per inch). All web images are generally set to 72 dpi and are not suitable for quality prints. A

a warning will appear if your artwork is not suitable.

2. Remove any background colours. If you don't know how to do this, just ask and we will do it for you. Just put some instructions for us in the "notes" section

during the checkout process. E.g. Please remove the white background from the image.

3. There will always be a slight difference in the colour of the print to what you see on screen. This is mainly because computer screens tend to have 

backlighting that increases the brightness of each colour. To get a closer likeness we recommend using CMYK colour mode if possible.

Garment Colour

Like many things on the web, we cannot replicate garment fabric colours exactly as they appear in real life.  We are happy to provide photographs of any specific

colour that is required.

Print Times

We aim to have all orders printed and sent out as soon as possible.  Completion of every order is dependent on the size of the order, our stock holding and our

existing print queue.

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